10 Commandments for Fashion?

How might God run the fashion industry if He was the boss?

1. FAIR PAY. All those working in the industry to be paid fairly for their work.

2. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. Opportunities to work in fashion to be extended to those with the ability and desire, regardless of their background.

3. FOCUS ON YOUNG PEOPLE. Particular emphasis to be placed on access for school leavers and young people with the introduction of a new framework of apprenticeships and other support schemes.

4. ETHICAL AS THE NORM. Ethically sound sources of production, whether in the UK or globally, to become the norm.

5. KINDNESS IS KING. Attitudes within the industry to be given a complete overhaul, with the elimination of all snobbery, backbiting and unkindness.

6. RESPONSIBILITY RULES. Immediate attention to be paid to the effect of the industry on the wider community, including attitudes to “beauty” and body shape and their impact on young people.

7. ENVIRONMENTAL PRIORITY. Global recycling schemes to be explored to ensure unused clothing is easily and quickly moved to areas of need around the world – without damaging local supply chains.

8. BENEFIT FOR ALL. Social ownership schemes, where employees have a say in the business for which they work, to become widespread.

9. LIFE-WORK BALANCE. Sunday trading laws to be reviewed.

10. FORCE FOR GOOD. Fashion to become a leading force for good in the UK and around the world

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